Ripe Tomato Chutney

1Kg Ripe Tomatoes (Skinned and Sliced)
500g Granulated Sugar
300ml Wine/Malt Vinegar
250g Chopped Onions
250g Peeled / Chopped Apples
250g Sultanas
2tsp Dry Mustard
half tsp Salt
half tsp Pepper

Makes about 1.8kg of chutney

Simmer the onion in 4 tablespoons of vinegar until soft
add the  tomatoes, apples, sultanas, mustard, salt and pepper,
cook until soft. Add the remaining vinegar and sugar, stir until
dissolved and boil gently until of a thick consistency.
Pour into hot jars and cover with vinegar proof tops.

The easiest way to skin the tomatoes is to gently score a cross
into the bottom and top of the tomato then cover them with boiling water
for a couple of minutes then plunge the tomatoes into cold water.
This should make them very easy to peel.

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