Water & Hosepipes

Its That time of year again were the use of hosepipes seems to be creeping back in. One person has already been observed watering direct from the tap. Please be aware that the use of hosepipes, or even just spraying your plots with the short hose provided for filling watering cans, is banned by Birmingham City Council and may result in perpetrators losing their plot and the facility been withdrawn from the site, so please DO NOT use hosepipes for watering your plot.


The bins provided on site are not for the purpose of plotholders disposing of waste, either green or general, from their plots. You must either compost your green waste any green waste you cannot compost must be removed from site NOT put into the brook , as one plot holder, between plots 40 and 50, was spotted doing as this could result in the association been fined a considerable amount, nor should it be put in the litter bin.  You must also remove general litter from the site as we have no facility for disposal.

Liability on Site

Copied from email received from Allotments Team Wednesday 12 September 2012:-

"Generally the Council's PL insurance will extend to anyone that is on site
for a legitimate reason, but only where we are at fault - that would apply
where someone is on site with the tenant's knowledge and consent (family
members, friends, helpers). As the "occupier" of the land however, you (the
Association) and individual tenants have a duty under the Occupiers
Liablity Act to ensure that the site is safe - that applies whether or not
an individual has consent to be on site (i.e. it would extend to a vandal
too). That means that the Assoc is responsible for ensuring that the site
is used in a safe manner and appropriate warnings of any specific
risks /dangers should be displayed or vistors informed accordingly.

Ultimately, the test is 'who is responsible for the damage or injury ?'. In
other words who caused it. Your PL insurance should cover accidents which
may be attrributable to the Association's cause - ours will cover where BCC
is liable. If the injury is sustained on the tenant's plot then that tenant
could be responsible so it is up to them to inform users of any possible
risks before they access the plot."

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